Cover Design is Finalized!

Designing a cover is a team sport. Luckily for me I had a wonderful teammate named Rachael Brandenburg who helped me through every step of the way. She gave quality feedback even when I disagreed with her. She knew when to bend and when to hold her ground. My only job was to spew ideas at her! After the initial round of brainstorming where Miss Brandenburg showed me four different designs I had a vision for the cover. My vision looked like this:

It’s a start?

Looks great, right?!?!?! After 4 more rounds of editing Miss Brandenburg showed me this:

WHOA! Big difference!

I was speechless. The cover turned out better than I even imagined. I can’t say enough good things about Miss Brandenburg and my publisher Scribe Media.

Miss Brandenburg can be reached on LinkedIn by clicking on this text

More information about Scribe Media can be found by clicking on this text

Published by Nabil

Nabil Othman, MD is an anesthesiology resident physician at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA. As a Michigan native he advocates calling carbonated, sugary beverages "pop". When he is not an indentured servant in the hospital he enjoys CrossFit, telling everyone he meets about CrossFit, and attempting dangerous hikes in Hawaii with his college roommates.

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