About Me

Boston after an ICU interview, 2020
Houston after my Texas Heart Interview, 2020
In Nepal with my best friend Caleb, 2017
Tough Mudder (also with Caleb) in 2013

Nabil Othman, MD

Growing up I never planned to be a doctor. I wanted to be a soccer player! I would practice every opportunity I had. I even kicked soccer balls against the kitchen cabinets at night…which my parents LOVED!

When I was 17 I broke my ankle- suddenly my soccer dreams were put on hold. I spent an entire summer in my parent’s basement thinking about my life. After completing my senior year of high school I attended Oakland University hoping to play college soccer.

My girlfriend at the time convinced me to take general chemistry with her. After a month I promptly switched my major to Biochemistry and decided I wanted to be a doctor. The two of us broke up later in our Freshman year of college. Years later we re-established our friendship and remain close today.

Currently I’m in my final year of residency at Cedars Sinai Medical Center.

After residency I will complete a critical care fellowship in Houston, TX followed by a cardiac anesthesiology fellowship in Rochester, NY.

After my 14 years of training are over I will be an expert in the perioperative care of cardiac surgical patients. I will also have expertise in general anesthesiology, cardiac anesthesiology, and critical care.

My full CV is available below

In my free time I enjoy fitness, the outdoors, and binge-drinking sparkling water. My favorite hikes include the Annapurna Circuit, Mount Whitney, Ka’au Crater, and the Kalalau Trail.

I’ve been an avid Crossfitter since my 3rd year of medical school.

I also write books. My first one titled “Vigilance: An Anesthesiologist’s Notes on Thriving in Uncertainty” is now available on Amazon. Link is below:


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