Book Update Dec 2, 2020

After finishing my first draft (10 chapters and 50K words) I realized I needed to make major structural changes: I deleted the last 3 chapters and added 5 new chapters. The current manuscript is 12 chapter and 47K words. I also changed the title to “Vigilance: An Anesthesiologist’s Notes on Thriving in Uncertainty”.

Now we wait for my publishing company to give feedback then another round of structural editing. Overall I’m happy with the result. I want to write the highest quality book possible- sometimes that means I have to step back and rewrite entire chapters.

Also the cover is being designed as we speak! I’m both anxious and excited to see how the ideas of the book will be communicated in images!

Published by Nabil

Nabil Othman, MD is an anesthesiology resident physician at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA. As a Michigan native he advocates calling carbonated, sugary beverages "pop". When he is not an indentured servant in the hospital he enjoys CrossFit, telling everyone he meets about CrossFit, and attempting dangerous hikes in Hawaii with his college roommates.

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